Marine Rope

marine rope
Since ancient times, marine rope has been an integral part of sailing and seafaring. The art of weaving together and splicing rope for use in marine endeavours has a long history spanning many different ages and epochs. In the 21st century, yachtsmen and other seafarers who continue the tradition of employing forms of nautical and marine ropes in their ocean going pursuits have witnessed the arrival of a new generation of extremely strong and durable synthetic ropes. With the development of Dyneema ropes and their application to maritime uses, the art form of seafaring has advanced to a new level of precision.

As a form of sailing rope or yachting rope, Dyneema and spectra are leagues ahead of their rivals. This is much the same story when the aforementioned ropes are employed as heavy nautical ropes on vessels which demand a high performance from their occupants at all times.

Rope Direct - Marine Rope - Double braid nautical rope

If you are pursuing any sort of marine endeavour where you rely on your ropes being the strongest, the most durable and the most resistant to the elements, then you simply can’t look beyond the Spectra/Dyneema advantage. If you are searching for nautical or yacht rope for sale look no further than Rope Direct. We’ve got the rope you want at the most competitive prices. This includes the best in heavy nautical ropes, along with all forms of marine rope and yacht rope. Do not resist the temptation to update your rig today. Check out our wide range or alternatively read more about mooring lines here.

Heavy Nautical Rope from Rope Direct

Heavy Nautical Rope – Heavier than your average rope!

The types of Nautical rope which you need for high performance ocean sports such as sailing, yachting and seafaring do require a greater level of strength and quality than your average rope. The latest major developments in rope attributes include increased versatility, strength and specialisation. Rope manufacturers have steadily improved their manufacture of the synthetic fibres which are most commonly used in yachting. This new breed of synthetic materials have many applications on the modern yacht. The most dramatic recent developments in nautical rope relates to specialised covers over the cores.