Bungee Cord/Shock Cord


Bungee cord, commonly referred to as shock cord or simply elastic cord is one of the most popular rope types on today’s market. Shock or Bungee cord is a substance woven with many thin elastic fibres and sealed to form a very strong, but also very flexible and stretchy rope like material.

Bungee cords with metal fittings on the end are often referred to in Australia as Kangaroo straps, Octopus or “Occy” straps. They are made up of an elastic cord together with multiple elastic strands which when weaved together form a strong core. Occy straps are ideal for holding down tarps or for use with trailers, caravans or boats. Bungee cord is also very commonly used to hold canvas Ute covers in place. You can also see suitcases fastened to car roofs with these shock cords, a common occurrence when moving house.

In general, shock cord is designed as a shock absorber and thus has a variety of mainstream uses and applications. Several of its advantages owe to the fact that it is resistant against the elements and against most types of fluid. It is also durable and abrasion resistant.

For use on the water, marine grade bungee cord has a multi-strand elastic core making it perfect for marine applications. These bungee cords are also water and heat resistant. Bungee cords first saw use as a suspension piece in the undercarriage of early aircraft. Today their application is widespread and far-reaching.

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